Fruit Shop Frenzy Slot Overview

One of Robin Williams’ most memorable scenes in Hook was when mild-mannered lawyer Peter Banning imagined food on an empty table. This leads to an enormous food battle, or food tossing frenzy. Fruit Shop Frenzy, a NetEnt online game, is frenetic. Players who have been spinning reels may remember the studio’s 2011 Fruit Shop. After a decade, Megaways released part 3, Fruit Shop Frenzy, two years later.

The original Fruit Shop slot is becoming old, and the Megaways game, while visually improved, kept the previous one’s simplicity. In comparison, Fruit Shop Frenzy has a plot. Players can make up that tale as it’s not expressly stated. In a wonderful metropolitan setting like Italy or Spain, the grid is locked in a kiosk or shop. On a cobblestone street with scooters and flowers, charming bistros and ristoranti stand. Imagine walking throughout town with a baguette, whistling, and catching up with friends—living la dolce vita.

Back to the game, which is played on a 5-reel, 3-row panel with 15 paylines that give winnings left to right from the first reel. Despite its laid-back vibe, Fruit Shop Frenzy is a volatile slot that accepts 10 p/c to £/€8 per play. Fruit Shop Frenzy’s return to player value is 96.04% when played ‘naturally’ and 96.1% after buying the feature.

Since all three games use the same fruit pay symbols, they are related. For a 5 OAK hit, these 10 to A card ranks pay 3 to 9 times the wager. The premium symbols are melons, oranges, lemons, plums, and cherries. Win 5 premium symbols and get 12–100 times the investment. Fruit Shop Frenzy logo wilds help players form winning lines. Wilds replace all paying symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Fruit Shop Frenzy Slot Features

Though easy, Fruit Shop Frenzy is more complex than it appears. Fruit wins launch Fruit Shop Frenzy’s chain of events, but not in the standard game as it’s feature-free.

Free Spins

Fruit symbol winning combinations trigger 2 free spins with escalating multipliers. The multiplier bar increments are x1, x2, x3, x4, and x5. Each winning round adds 1 free spin and 1 multiplier step.

Helper Function

Helper symbols may appear on the rightmost reel during free spins. After landing, the Helper randomly triggers one of three modifiers: multiplier increase by +1, multiplier advancement, or Frenzy mode.

Frenzy Mode

Frenzy mode gives 3 extra free spins and boosts the multiplier bar from 5 to 10 steps, thus x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, and x10. The multiplier from free spins continues in Frenzy mode. Each Frenzy mode win adds 1 free spin and 1 multiplier step. In Frenzy mode, landing a Helper symbol on the rightmost reel randomly activates one of these features: multiplier values increase by +1, advancement to the next multiplier, 1 to 6 random wilds are added to the middle three reels, or Double X doubles the multiplier bar values.

Bonus Buy

Fruit Shop Frenzy’s free spins feature occurs regularly, but players may buy straight access to Frenzy Mode for 20x the bet.

Fruit Shop Frenzy Slot Review

Fruit Shop Frenzy will confirm your suspicions that NetEnt is resting on its laurels, content to squeeze more mileage out of its back catalogue rather than dazzling a new generation of gamblers with its design talent and dazzling innovation. Why not enhance an old classic with Megaways since every studio and its dog is doing them? If NetEnt hadn’t added additional content to entice players back for a third try, number 3 could have appeared odd.

The new material is good too. Fruit Shop Frenzy takes free spins to the next level if the game enters Frenzy mode, unlike the prior two. It may be difficult because you’ll need the Helper symbol. Frenzy Mode may be bought for 20x the bet if you don’t want to peel fruit waiting for that. After playing Bounty Hunters with its 850x Showdown Spins purchase feature, 20x seems little. We’re not comparing apples to apples because the bonus rounds are different. Fruit Shop Frenzy’s max win of 10,868x—about half of Fruit Shop Megaways—is a significant goal, even if the feature is low-cost by current standards.

Despite being the third slot in a series, Fruit Shop Frenzy is good. It combines the essence of the previous two slots with additional individuality and features. With all the remakes and average slots NetEnt produced around the time of writing, Fruit Shop Frenzy is still a fun game.






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